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Royal Touch is a fairly new company in the metropolitan area but has so far prove to be a force to not be reckon with. Royal touch has served the community for 3years and pride themselves on patience and love. Ga’Neisha believes that one simple touch can change your king and queen outlook on life and health. 


Ms. Fierce

*Meet Our Founder :

You can teach a man a skill to perfect his work but you cant teach a man to hustle-Ga’Neisha

Ga’Neisha is an amazing nurse, Business woman, Wife,mother and mentor. She worked at St. Louis nursing homes,hospitals,clinics and home health not completely happy with her work due to watching the treatment that was given to patients. She decided to not just leave but to create a system that caters to patients and allow them to direct their own care. She knew at that point that she had to be the solution that the home health world needed. She notice that a system was broken in our community and decided to take all of those things and create excellences. She started off with CDS services and branched off to in-home and etc. Trying to provided the most respectable home health in St.Louis. She has managed facilities and clinics with great intentions on being the best nurse that she could possibly be. 

About Our Business

Ga’Neisha knew that what sat her apart from most home health owners is that she’s a nurse that carries experience and compassion and understanding in her pocket. She approaches every case with a clear head and sound mind to give each client the best outcome possible. She makes sure that each clients feels like royalty from the very first initial conversation.

Ga’Neisha has started a foundation designed around her grandmothers that specifically’s helps filled voids in the community by giving. She believes that when god gives you an abundance that you should take that time to pour or give to someone else. She is also a great mentor to many young women in the community, she’s helped indivisuals with building their own business in home health and Entreprneurship. 

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